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  • Site feedback - Please read the post so your comment does not get DELETED.

    1. Using the volume 1 cover by default for manga images could avoid unnecessary spoilers that appear on later volume covers and make it easier to browse through the new manga list. 2. Not being able to browse multiple pages of updated manga limits you to only looking at updates from the last ~9 hours; some people only check once per day. 3. This may count as a new feature, though adding filters/filter-outs on the homepage (recently updated manga) could allow for faster, more relevant browsing.

  • Site Feedback Reply Thread

    @Plykiya My bad, only skimmed the first comment and didn't see the No Reader thing. And I guess every time I looked at the Beta site I read a high resolution manga that made me think that...disregard.

  • Request for group takeover

    User ID: 79460 Group ID: 5877 Site:

  • Anime Fanfiction Rec Thread

    i friggin love fanfiction, down here is a sample of what i read. The Tigress By Mobius Stripper Series : Code Geass Oneshot, Completed, 15 Feb, 2015 The world was not just. As it turned out, Euphemia never had to leave the palace walls to learn of suffering, and sacred figs did not grow in Pendragon. A character study (?) of Euphemia Li Britannia, this one makes my eye sweat. Lavenders blue (if you love me too) By pearypie Series : Black Butler Oneshot, Completed, April 19, 2017 Where Ciel learns that love really does make mockeries of men but (just this once), he'll allow it. For her. A Cute one-shot of ciel and elizabeth, i read it when i need some sugar. Imaginary Lucidness by xxxDreamingflowerxxx Series : Hataraku Maou Sama! Oneshot, Completed, February 3, 2015 Maou suddenly wakes up in an empty field in the middle of nowhere. With no answers about his current situation, Maou meets a mysterious child and starts a conversation. Unknown of the truth hidden behind this encounter. sweet oneshot fanfiction about Maou and Emilia. D-a-d-d-y by reminiscent-afterthought Series : Papa no iuokoto wo kikinasai Poetry, Completed, August, 27, 2014 They lost their parents, but they can move on with their new daddy by their side, looking after them. a poetry. RE: We Defeated the Devil King, But Now Our Daily Life is Compromised by BoringBone Series : KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Still getting updates. Because accelerated plot progression is to FanFiction as long titles starting with 'RE:' are to Light Novels. Kazuma and his vibrant cohorts, through their primary means of victory: sheer luck and guile, somehow manage to kill the Devil King, who just happened to be around in the neighborhood. Humorous ramifications abound. Kazuma and co shenanigans after they accidentally defeat (?) the demon king. Archaic record of this bastard goddess by Lord VTP Series : KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World Multi-chapter, Ongoing, Still getting updates. Kazuma and Megumin are due to marry. A confused Princess Iris encounters a banished goddess, who unleashes a wicked curse upon her. But this might give her a chance to finally live out her dreams. Princess Iris goes on an adventure! an Isekai? (not really they're still in the same world, only different bodies.)Adventure of Princess Iris of Belzerg and Prince Revi of Elroad from the KonoSuba Light Novel. gonna add more in due time.

  • Sudden long strip mode bugs

    As mentioned in the Reader update thread, I'm aware and have fixed the issues, and they'll be updated on the site when Holo wakes up.

  • Site Feedback Reply Thread

    @Nayn it's available on mobile as well you're free to answer :x don't know why people aren't lol

  • Reader README.txt

    There's some messed up behaviour especially in the long strip right now that I think I managed to fix. Will have to wait until tomorrow, though. (quote) I definitely agree, and I would have implemented both follow and rating buttons ages ago if I had access to that information via API.

  • Site Feedback Reply Thread

    @ixlone I assume that's not available on mobile? Thanks for telling me! And uh, sorry if we're also not supposed to answer you.

  • Site feedback - Please read the post so your comment does not get DELETED.

    1. Demograph filters don't work since they're not tags. 2. Blocking does not hide user comments.

  • Sudden long strip mode bugs

    Same problem here. I cleared my cookies but that didn't fix the issue. I don't think I was having this issue 24 hours ago.

  • For Himeno-chan, Love Is (Still) Too Early

    is it bad when i saw that red backpack i automatically checked the window to see any FBI waiting to broke my door

  • Renjou Desperado

    Looks interesting, thanks for the scanlation.

  • Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - "Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo" "Kotowaru!"

    Looks like Yen Press picked up rights July 2017, but hasn't done anything with it as far as I can find

  • You Are My Lovely Dragon King

    @Borderline ARCHIBALD NO!

  • Tono no Kanri o Shite Miyou

    Super plain so far. If isekais are your type of thing, go for it, but for me personally I’d rather find something more inspired.

  • Teppu

    Damn, i thought it was intriguing so i read the first chapter and before i knew it i had read the whole thing

  • Ilya

    I didn't need these feels today man. Nevertheless it's a good oneshot.

  • Game obu Familia – Family Senki

    (quote)The scientifically interesting thing is, is that if siblings engage in sexual relations, the rate of birth defects is extremely high, but between cousins, it's not higher at all and even in some cases has been even lower than the average (of people getting pregnant from completely different families/races/etc).

  • Asa made Jugyou Chu!

    Despite the fact that the rating for the manga is around a 5, is this still worth trying at least? I usually equate a lower score like this to be a sign that I shouldn’t even attempt to read something, but I like the art style so I’m somewhat torn as to what I should do...

  • Touhou - Genki ni Naare (Doujin)

    @bluethings You mean Happy Birthday My Sister

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