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  • For Imperfect People

    For the love of god, someone please finish this!

  • Beastars

    "Award winning" I'm glad this manga got such accolades. Even more glad that the end of one arc didn't mean the end of the series. Makes me wonder if the Beastar is gonna be Legosi's new teacher or his new enemy. Maybe both?

  • Jimi na Kensei wa Sore Demo Saikyou desu

    Oh thank god that was the end. I literally just skimmed through the thing and just looked at the images. For all I know it's a guy transported by driver-san. With DBZ "what?! he doesn't look strong at all! how could this be?!" kind of partner? Dunno, didn't read the text at all.

  • Mata Onaji Yume wo Mite ita

    whelp! Still wanna MOAR

  • Chocolat no Mahou

    I missed 2 volume irl (Odd Cake & Phantom Decoration) I have read up to Nutty Carnival (since I have physical volumes) and I must say this series is totally awesome and fun to read. All the desserts in the series is very mouth watering imo Totally happy that it's up on Mangadex.

  • My Love Tiger

    Well....damn, Pyeii. O_o

  • The String in the Shadows

    Freakin love the art and girl design, and oh god the story is just... best? 10/10 for me

  • Aozora ni Tooku Sakebitari

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with the original scanlators?

  • When I Woke Up, I Became A Bagel Girl!

    Might be interesting. But not if it doesn't update.

  • This Doesn't Feel Like Me

    Honestly, take out the bs drama. The author had some really good character dynamics between Joon-Wii and Yoon-Ji. Also the father and stepmom. But, it's like they have to throw in drama for a story. Sucks, could've been a good story about a father and son healing their wounds.

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